the most dynamic
participant management
system for your events

Invitation management | Ticketing | Reporting | Event website | App etc.

hello one is dynamic.
It can be big or small, it can adjust, adapt and be tailored to your needs – including system support, if required. It also creates dynamics: with useful information and comprehensive post-event reporting.

What are you currently planning?

A large ceremony? Many one-on-one appointments? Sessions? Parties? Tours? Or a mega-event with thousands of visitors? hello one can do it.

Employee event

Meeting up with colleagues is important. And now it’s also easy.

Customer event

Invite those who are important to you. Make it easy for your customers, too.


Lots of people, lots of questions, lots of data. With hello one you have everything under control.


Glamour, red carpet, flashing lights. Here, subtle accreditation is key.

Conference & congress

Who with whom and when? From the keynote to personal appointments. Manage everything with hello one.


Big crowds, lots of action! No problem, we’ll do it.

Digital fair

Whether digital or as a hybrid event. We have solutions for net meetings, exhibitors and can merge the digital and real world upon request.

Training & further education

Do you offer coachings, workshops or seminars? Then you know what your participants require. And we know what you need to manage your participants.

Learning platform

Access to know-how, contact persons, media, tests or as a portal for trainings. Let’s talk about your requirements and then find solutions.

From the invitation to the evaluation.

hello one offers all the functionality you need for complete participant management. Whether as a single system or an extensive control center, hello one offers all functions for comprehensive participant management – even within existing systems (e.g. SAP). Benefit from our many years of experience in the event business!

Event website & app

Create custom event landing pages and even integrate them into existing company websites. Only need certain functions? Everything can be individually set up. You and your team can always keep an overview with our manager & guest app.

Participant management

hello one manages your complete participant management. From guest lists with a personal invitation via e-mail or postal mail, feedback, check-in, current event dates, check-out, up to event statistics and reports.

Controlling & real-time reporting

How many people are present and which VIPs are still missing? Are sessions or rooms overcrowded? With our app, you always have an insight into the real-time status of your event.

Check-in & registration

Capture your guests on site using QR code or RFID. With your manager app you have everything and everyone in view. The registration process can be adapted to each target group using various forms, price models and offers.

After-sales solution

Evaluations, follow-ups and feedback are waiting for you after the event? No problem. hello one integrates everything you need for effective post-processing.

Data services

Before, during and after the event, hello one generates reports that are based on the live data of your event. This way, you can optimize your event in real time and react quickly to all current developments.

Good service
starts with active listening

Do you need a website, apps, all the usual and many special guest management functions plus software and hardware, webmaster, CMS support, hosting, and all of this around the clock? You’ll get that! You just need good code that matches your event? You’ll get that, too. You need something in between? Perfect. Give us a call and tell us what you need.

Plan, implement, check