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GDPR-compliant tracking with Matomo

Matomo offers you GDPR-compliant tracking of visitors to your website. You can find out how the solution works in this blog post!

What comes after the digital event?

When the "lead magnet" digital event is over, do we take a break? No! After the event is before the event? No! That's true, but it's not the right mindset. After the event, we move on to the sales phase.

Why Google Analytics no longer delivers the best results

Google Analytics will soon no longer deliver the best results. You can find out why this is and what alternatives there are in this article!

Personal meetings to event success

Digital events are omnipresent and are offered in large numbers. But what are the success factors and how do you achieve them as an organizer?

Why Google Analytics will soon be banned!?

Will Google Analytics be banned soon? Why the GDPR could soon make the use of analytics in Europe impossible.