What comes after the digital event?

When the "lead magnet" digital event is over, do we take a break? No! After the event is before the event? No! That's true, but it's not the right mindset. After the event, we move on to the sales phase.

In this article we will explain why this sales phase is so important. You will also learn which lead magnets support your inbound and outbound sales.

One one One Meeting - people speak face to face

One one One Meeting - people speak face to face

First things first. During the pandemic, many companies relied on digital events. Thank you very much for that, we were allowed to carry out a lot of them with our software solutions.

So far so good. But what happens after the event? If we assume an event lasts a few days, then the days are often peppered with highlights, keynotes or workshops. This is good for the event. This attracts a lot of people who follow the event. So it's a "lead magnet.

As an organiser, you are certainly happy about the many listeners and good feedback. But how do you deal with the transformation from guest to customer? In the end, many events or trade fairs are about turning interested parties into customers. Or in other words, that the leads convert.

Of course, many online marketing specialists are familiar with the conversion rate. It describes the ratio of impressions to purchases, or in our example from guests to customers.

During the event, your sales department or the sales colleagues have the opportunity to get in touch with the guests directly or indirectly. Depending on the event programme, this can work well over a few days.

However, the experience of the last few years shows that digital events should not be limited to a few days.

It should rather be a process in which one of the goals must be that every guest has been spoken to at least once in a small group or, even better, personally. In our example with the event lasting several days, it makes sense to offer smaller sessions on the main topics. These should be more in-depth and take place a few days after the main event. Perhaps a series of individual events can be established. A kind of DeepDive for specialists.

Depending on the distributor and its content-related possibilities, it is advantageous if the distributor can offer and conduct small sessions independently. But it is also possible to offer these sessions in a team with a product specialist. Digital sessions or meetings enable agile action. In this way, offer your leads the opportunity to engage with your products or services on an ongoing basis over a longer period of time.

In the medium term, a lead can also be built up in this way. Trust and sympathy increase automatically when you stay in contact with your prospects. After the event is therefore already before the event. But in between there are many opportunities that you should not let pass.

We have announced some more lead magnets which are not events

In terms of a sales funnel, everything that brings qualified leads into our consulting process is correct. Therefore, it is not possible to say in general what is a good lead magnet for your company. Possibilities would be:

Here are 3 lead magnets that are not events:

  1. Whitepapers - Often heard of, but have you ever thought about creating several rather focused ones. The more concretely a white paper is formulated and addressed, the more likely you are to reach a lead with it and also to be able to assign it to the topic straight away. 

  2. Showrooms - Show what you have. If your product or service requires explanation or simply needs to be seen, then a digital showroom is exactly what you need. Using AR and 3D representations, more is possible than you think. (We'll be happy to show you! :-)) 

  3. Testimonial - If your company already advertises with one, then this must also be used for the sales funnel. As a marketing measure or otherwise creatively. Raffle yourself some tickets to a virtual meeting with the testimonial.  

You have to evaluate which channel works best for your company. At this point, guesses are, as the name suggests, only guesses.   


Sales phases during and after the event are a great opportunity. It is also helpful for follow-up events to stay in contact with the guests. Play with the opportunities over a longer period of time and increase your funnel.

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