With personal meetings for event success

Digital events are omnipresent and are offered in large numbers. But what are the success factors and how do you achieve them as an organizer?

Online Meeting

Online Meeting

For many organisers, the success of an event is measured by the number of participants. This value is certainly part of the answer. However, it cannot remain the only value.  


Events should inspire, sharpen the brand image and bind customers to the exhibitors. Existing customers can be provided with product information and learn more about the products and services in a targeted way. 


Ultimately, however, one of the most important key figures is turnover, which can be directly or indirectly linked to the event. Experience shows that in the B2B environment, credit card data is not simply entered into a form and the turnover appears in a statistic.

As a rule, a sales meeting is the key to success. At physical trade fairs, these conversations take place on the stand. Guests come by and ask questions about the services.  


So at digital events, arranging face-to-face meetings should be pushed as a high priority.

The 5 most important tips for online meetings

  1. Offer topic-based meetings as 1-to-1 appointments for new customers. Face-to-face meetings are a better way for existing customers if the customer and the sales team already know each other.    

  2. Make sure that enough appointments are available. These can be offered several days after the event. Digital events usually have more days than events in event locations.   

  3. Always convey the feeling through recommendations that the guest is already connected to the best contact. There is no room for doubt here. This ensures more appointments.

  4. At the end of a keynote, i.e. one-to-many event, which is usually shown to many participants via stream, you should always refer to further details in the meetings. Leave no doubt that every interested listener can always find out the last important information in the meetings.   

  5. Always provide a meaningful call-to-action after a stream. You should always offer the guest the opportunity to book a meeting through clever user guidance. 

Erfolgreiche Events

Erfolgreiche Events

For the statistics, we have a few more values for you.

For events with around 5,000 participants, a value of 10% in meeting bookings is a good value. This varies greatly depending on the participating target group.

For high-priced products, we were often able to determine a conversion of 2% to 4%. For products with a lower investment volume, this can sometimes be as high as 20%.

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