Hybrid customer and employee event

What is important for a hybrid customer and employee event?

Hybrid customer or employee events expand the scope of your business many times over: Increase your on-site reach with digital possibilities that allow you to overcome space and time with the help of online components. Of course, it is important to pay special attention to interaction options and networking opportunities; this must be considered and implemented equally for both groups of participants.

Landing Page für deinen Event

Event landing page

Create spectacular event start pages in your CI design with hello one. hello one scores with an extensive portfolio of functions, including the creation of your own pages, the editing function for the menu or the option to upload documents and images.

Event-Registrierung & Login

Register / Login

hello one provides a simple form to capture the guest data that is relevant to you. This gives you the opportunity to create specific target groups using a questionnaire - or alternatively to generate them later. With the optional login access data, your visitors get individual access to the event or the platform.

Welcome Desk

Welcome desk

Your guest does not have a ticket or there are disagreements with the access? Are there any additional bookings or changes? With our hello one software access "Welcome Desk", your on-site employee receives GDPR-compliant access to the most necessary data.


Physical location

You want your Customer or Employee Event to be as easy as possible for visitors to find? Create and manage the associated data such as address, directions and parking options with hello one.

Top Speaker

Top speaker info

Would you like to present individual speakers particularly prominently due to their particularly important for The Training or Further Education offered? Simply place them in the focus of communication on your website with the bright one function “Special display”.


Product presentation

The products come into the spotlight: Regardless of whether it is about a unveiling as part of a launch or demonstration of new product functions: With the solutions from hello one, both implementation via a live stream and playback of the content afterwards on demand is possible. In the live mode, questions and further information can be shared by and with the visitors via the accompanying chat option.


Expert talks

Panel discussions, interviews, lectures and so much more are no problem at all with the streaming functions (live and on demand) from hello one. In the live mode, questions can be asked and suggestions made using the parallel chat function


Participant management

Comprehensive participant management from one software. Manage, edit and manage your participants. Create Online Forms, Invitation And Confirmation Emails (Optionally with Ticket and / or Calendar Entries), Cancellation Confirmations or Reminders For Booked Events.

Auswertungen & Reporting


For the Board of directors, Sales team or the Marketing departments. hello one aggregates all data about your event quickly and easily and allows you to analyse the performance of your event with ease. Do you need clear dashboards that can be put together individually? hello one has countless helpful functions for you.

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