Customer Portal - interactive communication with your customers

Interactive communication with your customers or leads often starts with a customer portal. These special pages often require registration and are aimed at a wide variety of target groups.

hello one solves this task with the integrated customer portal module, which already covers the most important functions in the basic version. Create target groups according to the interests of your customers to share content / documents.

Up-sales processes or customer care programs can be implemented directly with hello one.

Customer Portal - interactive communication with your customers
Picture of a registration in hello one


Registration pages or forms can be created very easily using drag & drop. You can simply create a form for this, fill it with the desired fields and decide whether there should be mandatory fields or further queries.

The number of forms used is irrelevant. Each can be individually tailored to the respective application. Multilingualism? No problem.

Picture of a Login-functionality in hello one

Login function

Access for your leads, customers or employees. Our login functions are easy to use and can be easily integrated into the desired pages using drag & drop.
A password forgotten function with automated e-mails saves you a lot of work when a user gets stuck.

The e-mails can of course be adjusted according to your wishes.

Picture of target-group-handling in hello one

Target groups

The individual focus on target groups is one of the core tasks when it comes to an excellent customer experience. That's why you can assign target groups to all functions at hello one. This starts with the registration and runs through the entire software.

You decide who can see which pages, how the menus are structured for each target group or which contact persons are displayed for which target group.

Picture of Play-Button

Media library

A media library is a so-called lead magnet. The better the content that is offered, the more likely it is that your leads or customers will register for a portal. With us, media libraries such as pages are to be considered, which are specially prepared for the consumption of videos, documents or 3D content. You can also use hello one as a hub for your AR or VR applications.

"Content is King" and convinces. So that you can concentrate fully on the content, we take care of everything that has to do with its display.

Picture of One-on-one-Meetings in hello one

Meetings (One-on-one)

Connecting to the right person, or being able to talk to experts on a topic, isn't just about customer service. It creates trust and helps you in up-sales with existing customers. Our meeting functions can be fully integrated directly into the hello one platform as an in-page solution.

Connectivity is very important, especially for meeting providers. From availability planning in Outlook to implementation with MS Teams, Zoom or another provider.

We are open to your requirements.