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Digital events can be much more than just a short or medium-term answer to the new requirements in the context of the Corona Crisis: They also offer significant cost and time advantages. However, digital events are also technically demanding and should be designed somewhat differently in terms of content to classic on-site events.

It is not enough to just digitally implement an existing event concept for an on-site event in the same way. In order to make your digital event a successful one, it requires a separate, explicitly developed agenda.

What is hello one?

With hello one you can create a website for your digital event in just a few steps. Manage your entire event with the help of our all-in-one solution.

What kind of digital event can we support you with?

Digital Exhibitions

A full-fledged event as a digital package that inspires and captivates virtual audiences

hello one supports you, whilst coordinating all your virtual strategies simultaneously

Client/ Colleague Events

Want to motive and inspire with your digital event? Spark and strengthen communication for your Business? hello one helps you handle complex and unique events effortlessly, with all its foreseeable specific requirements.

Education & training

Whilst conveying content digitally, it is especially important that the social, emotional and environmental needs of the participants are neither underestimate nor ignored. hello one offers a wide range of solutions that support remote learning in a meaningful way.

Conferences and Conventions

Interactive and as realistic as possible for your virtual participants? A real challenge. With hello one you have the platform by your side which offers your guests every opportunity to improve their experience and your Digital Event.


Creating an exciting product experience - that's what it's all about online and offline. In order to turn participation in an event into an experience with a memory effect, hello one offers numerous functions that positively influence the visitor's experience.

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