Hybrid trade fair - what you need for it!

What is important for a hybrid trade show?

A hybrid trade fair is double challenging, as both the on-site participants and the virtual visitors must be given equal consideration. While a realistic experience must be created for the online guests, all sorts of organisational matters should be taken careof for the on-site visitors: a supervised check-in and stringent hygiene concepts with intervals and limited visitor groups, reliable tracking of the participants in relation to sessions or workshops they attend, as well as the regulated reservation of seats, the recording and documentation in relation to the movement data and real-time communication with all participants are just exemplary points that need to be observed. For all these challenges, hello one can offer technical and organisational solutions and support implementation.

Landing Page für deinen Event

Event landing page

Create impressive event start pages in your CI design with hello one. hello one covers an extensive portfolio of functions, including the creation of your own pages, the editing function for the menu or the option to upload documents and images.

Event-Registrierung & Login

Register / Login

Request and aggregate the relevant guest data of the visitors to your hybrid trade fair, you can query them using a simple form. Meanwhile you consider selecting target groups with the help of a questionnaire during initial set up or later on. With the optional login access data, you can then give your visitors individual access to the event or the platform.

Präsenz vs Digital

On-Site Trade Fair
Visit Vs Digital

When booking the trade fair ticket and also when selecting the individual sessions, visitors can individually choose whether they want to participate in the respective event virtually or on-site. hello one simply takes over this differentiation and with clearly presented evaluations.

Check in

Check-in / ticket swap

Based on the information stored at hello one about the visitors to your hybrid trade fair, additional functions such as individualized (self) check-in or the exchange or printing of tickets can be carried out on site.

Walk-in Management

Registering walk-ins

Visitors to your hybrid trade fair who have not already registered for your event in advance can also be recorded quickly and easily on site. You can therefore be contacted again afterwards just like the previously recorded visitors.


Participant management

Comprehensive participant management all in one place Manage, edit and manage your participants. Create Online Forms, Invitation and Confirmation Emails (optionally with Ticket and / or Calendar entries), Cancellation Confirmations or Reminders for Booked Events.

Auswertungen & Reporting


For the Board of Directors, for Sales or the Marketing Team. hello one collects and presents you quickly and easily all the data about your event and lets you analyse performance of your event with ease. Do you need clear dashboards that can be put together individually? hello one scores with several helpful functions.

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