Features of hello one

Sales / Event platform

hello one can be implemented as an integrated solution or on a separate website and can be used quickly, easily and, if desired, 100% CI-compliant.

Landing pages

Skilfully stage products, services or special pages. You can publish as many landing pages as you want with just a few clicks.

Event website

Customized standard design or your own company CI? Edit any area of your website with our CMS functions. Contents, menus, graphics.

Lead generation

There are many solutions for lead generation. We have the right tools to combine everything in one system.

Lead qualification

Automatic qualification of leads according to your needs and processes.

Target groups

Depending on the target group, everything can be adjusted. Communication, content, events. Each target group only sees what is intended for them


Define, pursue and improve goals. Create a funnel for your sales process or any other process that is important to you.

A / B split tests

Just keep getting better! Optimize your pages with A / B tests to become more attractive for your target groups and to increase sales success.

Source codes

Connect your campaigns, links and social media with your new leads and evaluate the Chanel performance.

Lead insights

Lead tracking, interests and sales opportunities can be called up directly in the sales tool as a simple representation of KPIs.

Web analytics

We measure better than third-party tools by measuring data flows on the server.

Marketing automation

Easily implement individual customer journeys tailored to target groups with marketing automation.


Any number of individual forms for guest registration can be created and managed. Mandatory fields and validations are just as easy as creating the forms themselves.


Individual letters by email as an invitation, confirmation of registration or reminder can be automated or, if necessary, sent manually from the system.

Guest management

Lots of guests, lots of data. Clear lists with extensive filters make day-to-day business easier for the Event Manager and streamline processes. The management of the guests is fully GDPR compliant.


¿Hablas español? - We do. Multilingual support at all levels. Forms, events, content, mails. Your guest can easily switch via the language selection on the website.Comprender?


Present the complete program clearly for guests and visitors? No problem! Would you like to highlight something for some target groups? No problem at all . The Agenda functions of hello one solve this very easily for you.

My agenda

All booked events and meetings at a glance. Rebookings or cancellations with one click. Your guests won't miss an appointment.

Manage events

Administrate and manage appointments and descriptions clearly in one tool. Digital events can be created and edited just as easily as on-site events.

Meetings (one-on-one)

Appointments with experts or sales staff are an important instrument for customer loyalty. Meeting slots can be created and edited as individual or series planning.

Live streaming

The core of many events are keynotes and presentations from tiny to large stages. Integrate any streaming formats for the transmission of your event. As in-page integration and without switching to a third-party provider.

Chat function

We connect people. At events on site or in front of the screens. The chat function can be integrated at any point on the event platform and meets all data protection regulations.


Our showroom is more than just a virtual exhibition stand. Show 3D visualisations of products, guide you through your exhibition and expand the showroom into your interactive media library.

Media library

Present films, event recordings, documents or articles in a structured and clear manner for your customers.

Speaker profile

Profiles for speakers, speakers or other actors in your events can be displayed with images, documents, links and biographies.


hello one can be easily connected to hundreds of applications such as SAP, SalesForce, Marketo, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Twitch, Youtube or Vimeo.


We provide you with all the data for your event in hello one. Export in all common formats or use our professional data visualization.

The USP´s

100% GDPR compliant
100% CI-compliant

Compatible with your company
CRM: SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hub-Spot etc.
Meeting: Microsoft Teams, Skype, GoTo, WebEX, BlueJeans by Verizon
Streaming: Vimeo, Youtube, Microsoft Stream, BlueJeans by Verizon etc.

You decide: standard or personalised? hello one provide both pre-configured solutions or bespoke and 100% tailored to your CI/CD and individual business requirements.

One solution for all: hello one is the right platform for all challenges, big and small, easily adapted to you needs.

Functions of hello one