Digital customer- and employee- event

What is important for a digital customer- and employee- event?

Digital customer or employee events are helpful elements in times when communication in the context of a personal encounters are not possible and the uncertainty among audiences is on the rise. In this way, Digital Events can re-connenct your customers or employees more closely and at the same time increase your catchment area:

hello one provides you with countless functions to enrich your Digital Event profitably.

Landing Page für deinen Event

Event landing page

Create impressive event start pages in your CI design with hello one..

hello one scores highly with an extensive portfolio of functions, including the creation of your own pages, the editing function for the menu or the option to upload documents and images.

Event-Registrierung & Login

Register / Login

Request the relevant data from your customers and employees using an easily created form with hello one. At this point in time, you already have the option of creating specific target groups using a questionnaire - or alternatively you can create them later.

With the optional login access data, your customers and employees get individual access either to your event or to the relevant platform.

Top Speaker

Top Speaker Information

Would you like to highlight some people and therefore give them more visibility due to their particular relevance to your event? No problem with hello one: just let the profiles in question command more attention and set clear focal points in your communication.


Product presentation

Clear the stage for the products: Regardless of whether they are unveiled as part of a launch or an exemplary demonstration of the product functions: hello one enables both a live stream and subsequent playback of the content on demand. In the live mode, questions can be asked and further information can be shared using the accompanying chat option.


Expert talks

Panel discussions, interviews, lectures and much more are possible with the streaming functions (live and on demand) within hello one. In the live mode, questions can be asked and suggestions made using the parallel chat function.


Participant management

Comprehensive participant management from one software.

Manage, edit and manage the participating customers or employees..

Hello on allows you to create online forms, send out invitation and confirmation emails (optionally with ticket and / or calendar entries), send cancellation confirmations or reminders for booked events.

Auswertungen & Reporting


For the board of directors, for sales or marketing.

hello one quickly and easily compiles all the data for your event and allows you to easily analyze the performance of your customer and employee event..

Do you need clear dashboards that can be put together individually?

hello one offers numerous helpful functions here.

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