Communication module

Beyond sales means communication - as automated as possible at the beginning of the sales funnel and as a self-service offer. At the end of the funnel, face-to-face interaction is key to turning a lead into a customer.

With our communication tools, we create a comprehensive end-to-end solution that leaves room for what is really important - communication.

Communication module

In-page meeting

Meetings, workshops, webinars or events can be realized with our in-page meeting module. There is no need to install additional software, as customers can start the conversation directly in their browser. This has the advantage that the leads do not have to leave the platform and the right context can always be displayed for the meetings.


E-mail is still the most popular communication channel when it comes to B2B contacts. To ensure that automatic communication works, we have integrated an extensive template solution into hello one. So you have your e-mails under control and everyone gets the right information based on the target group.


Our chat is your access to group communication or as one-to-one conversation anywhere on the hello one platform. As a rule, it is recommended to use it around events or meetings when questions arise or content is distributed via chat. The chat can also be used as a support tool. Set up your customers a direct channel to your support team. Individually, just as it is best for your process.