Sales CRM - we support your digital sales process

What is your customer interested in and how long has he been dealing with the topic?

These questions are asked regularly in sales - especially before a meeting. Our customer relationship management module analyzes your digital sales process in detail. This supports you and your team optimally and turns leads into customers.

Our sales CRM - your cockpit for digital sales!

Sales CRM - we support your digital sales process
Picture of hello one software - Analysis of general data

Sales Access -
Analysis of general data

We divide our sales access and its data into three important tabs.

In the first area we analyze general data about the visitors, leads and the funnel.

What are the best sources for new leads, who brings them in and what are the general interests. This is important for planning actions in advance or recognizing trends.

Picture of hello one software - Analysis leads

Sales Access -
Analysis Leads

If a lead has left the low-threshold entry options behind, the contact is managed as a lead and automatically processed in the funnel. Our system shows this with the activity index and the live time line.

Picture of hello one software - Analysis MY Leads

Sales Access -
Analysis My Leads

If a specific lead is assigned to a sales employee on the basis of company-specific specifications, this appears in the My Sales tab. Detailed information and activities are available here for each lead. Is the lead already sales ready or should it be provided with more content?

You can actively intervene at any time or take care of the leads that have already requested an appointment on their own. B2B Inbound Sales - how it should be.

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Lead administration

Extensive lead management from one software.

Manage, edit and manage the data of your leads and customers or export all available data to Excel with one click.