Digital Events - keep your events under control

In recent years, digital events have come more into focus. Whether as a pure online event or as a hybrid extension for on-site events.

hello one masters this discipline perfectly and can easily process and inspire thousands of event participants. Events are a great added value for customer communication. However, the effort should not be underestimated.

In order to realize this lead magnet in a way that saves resources, we have also developed the automation of recurring events with our "Live on tape" solutions.

Digital Events - keep your events under control

Manage events

Create new events with just a few clicks. Individual customer communication via e-mail simplifies administration. Your leads can make and manage bookings independently. You will receive invitations, calendar entries and access links to the event pages. A clear agenda leads through the larger events and always leads the guests to the next sessions.

Events live on tape

You can pre-produce events and fine-tune them perfectly. Slips of the tongue are simply eliminated in the cut. Clips and presentations do not have to be processed live. However, live on tape also means that events can be offered several times over months without providing a complex event setup. Let an operator accompany the event chat so you can answer questions and give your guests a real live experience. At the end of the events, you can use our meeting functions to offer personal appointments to answer specific questions.

You achieve maximum attention from your leads and ensure trust through "personal" contact. But you reduce the effort to the essentials, a personal conversation, which is actively requested by the lead. This is Beyond Sales in its purest form.


Self-service is also part of Beyond Sales in the digital context. Interested parties want to get an impression of products and services for themselves. Similar to a trade fair or exhibition.

With our interactive showroom solutions you can present 3D content, play media or offer impressive configurations. Management is extremely easy and compatible with content that your company has already developed in the past.