Connectivity - we create interfaces

Connectivity means creating interfaces to other applications.

But also to be able to integrate into processes and to be able to represent or map CI as well as CX of companies. As a platform, hello one is 100% CI-compliant and compatible with your company.

It easily connects to hundreds of applications and offers the possibility to synchronize all data with third-party systems.

Connectivity - we create interfaces

CRM systems

CRM systems are often used for sales administration. That is a good thing. hello one is more the sales operation solution. We bring your CRM to life. So feel free to use our Integrated System or connect to SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hub-Spot and similar systems.

Meeting software

We stay true to ourselves. Use our in-page meeting. If that doesn't work or you're already working successfully with other tools, no problem. Microsoft Teams, Skype, GoTo, WebEX, Zoom, BlueJeans or other tools can be integrated.


There are many platforms for live streaming. To name a few examples: Vimeo, Youtube, Microsoft Stream, BlueJeans, Twitch... anything is possible. But hello one also has an integrated solution for your live stream. You can decide which one suits your company best, or we would be happy to advise you.