Analytics - find out what your customers are interested in

Analysis is one of the greatest advantages of digital communication. Knowing what is popular and what users are interested in is not only helpful, but the key to beyond sales and content marketing.

But with the data comes responsibility. The GDPR and an adapted EU law give data protection a key role for digital communication. Out of conviction, we not only act in compliance with data protection, but also advise our customers on how to use cookieless websites.

However, data protection and the transparent handling of customer data also ensure trust if your leads and customers can be sure that their data is in good hands with you and that work is only carried out within the framework of customer advice.

GDPR compliant tracking

We offer you server-side tracking for the entire hello one platform. Even cookieless if you wish. But the best thing is that the tracking data of your visitors and customers never leave the hello one environment. This means that all data remains on our servers and does not leave the company or the EU.


In our dashboard, every hello one user can find some of the most important KPIs (key performance indicators) for the hello one websites clearly and at a glance. Visitor numbers, visitor sources, page views, session duration, countries of origin or end devices used. All those who need a deeper insight into their website data should take a look at our Sales CRM module.

SEO analysis

With our on-page analysis you can fully exploit the potential of your pages. By regularly checking, factors of on-page optimization that are particularly related to content can be improved.

In addition to optimization, we also check rankings and reliably identify opportunities. Let us provide you with monthly reports. This gives you an insight into the hard facts and gives you useful recommendations for action on every point.