Package - Online Appointments

hello one - package solutions are compact problem solvers for you. With our
"Online appointment booking" package, you get a solution for making appointments between you and your customers or leads. This package is particularly suitable for use at events or trade fairs.

You can distribute the booking pages to your guests long before the events. So you can plan important conversations. Or let your guests scan a QR code on site and book the next free appointment directly.

Booked up?
With our online appointment booking package, this can no longer happen. Also offer further appointments after the event or the trade fair in order to reach interested parties. Participation then takes place in person at another location, or digitally via MS Teams, Zoom and co. Or directly in our tool via our in-page meeting.

Package - Online Appointments

The most important functions at a glance

No limits - plan as many appointments as you want

Appointments can be arranged thematically or by contact person. As is best for your communication.

Automatic emails

Your customers automatically receive an appointment confirmation with personalized content and Cal. File to save in Outlook or Calendar.

Adjustments to your CI

Colors, logo, banners and fonts. Let our application adapt to your CI. Of course, everything is optimized for mobile and desktop.

Picture of a Landing page for your appointments

Landing page for your appointments

With our package: Online Appointment Scheduling, you will receive a ready-made landing page for displaying your meeting appointments. Would you rather use your own CI instead of our standard design? No problem! Do you want more content to be shown? That's not a problem either - with our section-based content management system, content can be expanded as desired.

Picture of a slot-booking-option

Book appointments

With just one click, your leads & customers book their desired appointment with their desired contact person. All parties involved will be informed of the booking by email. Booked appointments are then clearly displayed to your customers in the profile area.

Picture of a online-event-description

Manage and cancel appointments

Scheduling appointments can take a long time. With hello one, appointments can not only be booked directly by the participants, but also canceled. This reduces the administrative effort and is much easier for your customers.

Picture of a GDPR delete functionality

GDPR from start to finish

Data protection is demanded by users. Reputable companies therefore deal transparently with data processing. Implementing this successfully is not complicated with hello one. From the double opt-in of the e-mail address, data storage and processing as well as the deletion of the data, everything is completely covered with our software.

Are you looking for inspiration? This is what your online appointment could look like!

Experience for yourself how your leads and customers feel when scheduling online. At you will find an example of digital appointment scheduling. With a non-binding test registration you can experience the registration process as an example. Book and cancel meetings and receive the appropriate email communication.