Event management software for digital events

hello one is software for digital experience, B2B sales & content management.

We have developed a compact problem solver for holding digital events - a software package for holding all kinds of digital events.

As software for digital events, hello one offers you an absolutely GDPR-compliant platform solution whose servers meet the requirements of EU standards. The type of digital event is irrelevant. hello one provides you with many interactive functions for an all-round successful event, including lead tracking.

Break new ground and inspire your leads and customers with a digital event. Our hello one package for digital events supports you with first-class technology and creative design options. hello one - your event platform!

What kind of digital
event can we support you with?

There are many types of events that can take place digitally: trade fairs and exhibitions, meetings, congresses, conferences, employee and team events, seminars, etc... hello one gives you the right tools for all types of events to turn it into good digital events.

Landing Page für deinen Event

Event landing page

Create impressive event start pages in your CI design with hello one.

hello one will win you over with an extensive portfolio of functions such as the creation of your own pages, the editing function for the menu or the option to upload documents and images.

Event-Registrierung & Login

Register / Login

You can easily query all of the participant data that are important to you with hello one using customizable forms.
In addition to the contact details, you have the option of defining target groups or inquiring about interests.
Participants receive individual access to the event or the platform via optional login data.

Participant management

Participant management

Comprehensive participant management all in a single software. Manage, edit and manage your participants. Create online forms, invitation and confirmation emails (optionally with ticket and / or calendar entries), cancellation confirmations or reminders for booked events.

Showroom - präsentiere deine Produkte und Angebote

My Agenda

Under My Agenda, every visitor can find the appointments, meetings or events booked by and for them.



Would you like to increase your customer loyalty and offer your sales staff and experts the opportunity to hold individual presentations and consultations? Create individual meeting slots for one-on-one meetings in hello one. Meeting slots can be created and edited as individual or series planning.



There are many types of events whether product presentations, specialist lectures, expert talks, keynotes, trainings with and without break-out sessions, coaching or road shows - every event can be easily managed in hello one, including live streaming and chat functions.

Speaker & Trainer Profiles

Speaker & Trainer Profiles

Present all your speakers at a glance and also offer additional documents, background information and, if necessary, contact information. hello one easily provides you with solutions for all of these requirements. For your top speakers, you have the opportunity to highlight them and present them in an outstanding way.



Whether you present products, display software or services or display exciting 3D simulations - everything is possible. Hello one provides you with everything you need for your digital showroom.

Evaluation Forms

Evaluations forms

hello one provides you with the function of a classic post- event survey of the learners, in which you can choose between closed questions (yes / no) or free text options. This will give you qualitative feedback on delivery content of the course.



For the board of directors, for sales or marketing.
hello one aggregates all data about your event quickly and easily and lets you analyze the performance of your event with ease.
Do you need clear dashboards that can be put together individually?
hello one offers several essential functions here.

Are you looking for inspiration?
Your online event could look like this!

You can find an example of a digital event at hello-one.live. Your event could look like this or something similar. There are events, meetings, a showroom and so much more.